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Choose from the varieties of trees, shrubs, and plants we sell. We also have other gardening essentials like pots, fertilizers, bark, mulch and more.

We offer landscape contractor discounts as well. Call us to inquire about landscape contractor discounts.


Why Visit the Pocatello Green House?

Garden Prep Materials

 We offer fertilizers, herbicides, and insecticides to help your plants grow better. We also have many gardening tools and necessities available as well like pots and other cool things.

Trees and shrubs

Our nursery is full with over 600 trees as well as a range of shrubs and bushes available. We have a wide variety of trees, shrubs, and bushes to choose from. Visit the Pocatello Green House to shop our trees and shrubs.

Plants of all kinds

Pocatello Green House has a range of perennial and annual plants, bare root plants, seeds, hanging baskets, fountains, and more. You are sure to find the plants you need for your yard and garden.

Other Gardening Materials

 We carry bark, mulch, dirt, and soil pep to get your garden prepped or finished. You can buy all of these materials by the yard or by the bag so you only get enough for what you need.
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